Multi-sensor Evolution Analysis (MEA) an Earth Observation and geospatial data analysis tool empowered with OGC standard interfaces. MEA started as an innovative web application to identify land cover change and it is based on satellite images with global coverage.

Dynamic phenomena may have relevant effects on environment and therefore on mankind and can leave traces on land cover and climate changes detectable from earth observation data.

In order to boost automation in the identification of features with dynamic behaviour, MEEO has implemented a prototype of a multi-temporal analysis solution, called MEA. Its aim is to permit the definition and use of Evolution Models, which describe how to detect a specific feature from related land cover changes over time. In order to reach this objective, it is necessary to create a common classification system and an Earth Fixed Geo-spatial reference, also applicable across different missions.

MEA was studied to help the user to:

  • Define time Evolution Models of features
  • Apply Evolution Models across 13 years of (A)ATSR data
  • Obtain in a few seconds the results of related spatio-temporal and semantic queries.

MEA has been implemented within the Image Information Mining projects of European Space Agency.

An instance of the MEA application can be reached at this address: