MEA-PM is an avolution of MEA system, developed for the PM10 and PM2.5 pollution monitoring.

MEA technology made possible the implementation of another innovative system, MEA-PM (MEA for Particulate Matter), for air quality monitoring measuring PM10 and PM2.5 in the atmosphere by using satellite data and ground data.

The system provides maps with PM concentration value with a spatial resolution of 1 square kilometre on Europe, but focused on Emilia Romagna Region, so far, with ground data.

MEA-PM is an automated, centralized system that collects and manages the following data:

PM ground data measurements since 2000;
Satellite PM measurements since 2007;
Integrated maps with satellite and ground data fusion (by using numerical Modeling maps);

MEA-PM is the result of the SENSORER project, that was created in 2008, as MEEO company answer to a public tender of Emilia Romagna region, supported by regional development european funds.

SENSORER is a collaborative research project involving, together with MEEO, high level scientific partners like Telecommunication Engineering department of UNIFE and the regional laboratory for infomobility named LASIM.

Then MEA-PM system is compliant with an European air quality directives as possible integration monitoring technique together with ground pollution measurements system.

MEA-PM has been developed by using other than MEA, PM MAPPER® technology and the and Regional broadband Lepida Network.

MEA-PM is innovative for air quality monitoring, and suitable to be used as analysis tool or decision support system for the evaluation of environmental pollution conditions.

On youtube the video done by MEEO with an overview of MEA-PM prototype developed during SENSORER project.

If you want to access MEA-PM release 1.0 interface: or, from Lepida Network:

Select “MEA-PM access request” to request for credentials or send an email to’stata sviluppata un’ ulteriore evoluzione di MEA finalizzata al monitoraggio dell’inquinamento da polveri sottili PM10 e PM2.5 e chiamata MEA-PM.