The content of fine and ultra-fine particulate matter in the air is becoming more and more important as a field of study in the health sciences. PM MAPPER® allows monitoring fine particulate matter as PM2.5 from space. Using specific satellite-borne sensors, daily Earth coverage is possible with spatial resolution of 1km x 1 km.

The computational process involves three main phases:

  • Multispectral satellite data loading, cloud masking and soil coverage parameters computation;
  • Particulate Matter calculation and map generation;
  • Particulate Matter map classification and health risk map generation; during this phase the US EPA 2006 health quality criteria are used to simply and effectively identify the impact of air quality on different categories of people (Air Quality Index – AQI concept).

The latest MEEO technology, Multi-sensor Evolution Analisys (MEA), allowed the development of a new air quality platform, called MEA-PM, to automatically monitor particulate matter concentration over several years by using satellite and ground data.

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