SOMAFID (SOIL MAPPER Fire Detection) is the new system developed by MEEO to detect active fires in a MODIS and MSG-2 SEVIRI scene.

The SOMAFID algorithm improves the MODIS Fire Detection (MOFID) algorithm, developed by the MODIS Science Team as a Level 2 product (MOD14).

The following improvements have been introduced:

  1. Reduction of the number of false alarms due to clouds and water bodies by means of SOIL MAPPER classification-based masking.
  2. Definition of 3 different background conditions of active fires:
    • High biomass vegetation (for example, forests)
    • Low biomass vegetation (for example, low humidity biomass like tree bark)
    • No-vegetation (for example, bare soil and buildings)
  1. Fire pixel recognition of 3 distinct fire stages, characterized by different fire intensity, temperature, combustion efficiency and emission ratios:
    • flaming fire
    • smoldering fire
    • mixed stage

The SOMAFID system identifies active fires and generates nine different output classes, three for each background type.

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