EarthServer is a Horizon 2020 project involving partners from Europe, America and Australia with common aim to develop and adopt Big Data analytics tools to exploit multi-dimensional geo-referenced Earth Science data. Big Earth Science data often need extensive processing in order to retrieve meaningful and communicable information for users and decision-makers. The challenge is to extract the right information from petabytes (PB) of raw data. Ideally, data processing and analysis should be performed on server-side and only kilobytes of refined information are downloaded.

MEEO operates the EO Data Service, an Earth Observation and geospatial data analysis tool empowered with OGC standard interfaces to facilitate the exploration and delivery of satellite data in its native context of a virtual globe via any standard internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE).
Stepping forward from the Climate Data Service implemented in the framework of the previous phase of the project (EarthServer, 2011-2014) and currently offering +100TB of Atmosphere, Land and Ocean EO products, the EO Data Service offers access to next generation EO data and products coming from the Sentinel family.

EarthServer-2 is receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654367.