Earth Observation for Climate-related Health risk in Africa

MEEO has been awarded as the EO information service to support the monitoring of Climate-related Health risk in Africa within the joint ESA and World bank initiative EOWORLD2. eoworld2-small The EOCHA project

The correlation between climate conditions and the effects on the animals and human being health is well known as demonstrated in several studies, while the quantification of this correlation is still under investigation especially in remote areas where the meteorological and climate information are quite hard to be collected. The Earth Observation data, associated with epidemiological data about diseases, outbreak and other kind of social-health data, are relevant to analyze the real impact and the cause-effect dynamics that link meteo-climate parameters to human and animal health. The scope of this project is to provide an operative web based platform to collect meteorological and climate parameters from heterogeneous data sources (satellite, in-situ, model) fully dedicated to climate-health analysis. To access the EOCHA portal click here.